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End of Elimination Diet (a little late post!)

31 Oct

I’ve been SO busy last 2 weeks, I forgot to report our final take on the ED!  I will be writing another post probably today about all the crazy events we’ve been involved in!

We DID it, but not quite 21 days.  My Birthday was Oct 14th :) , so we had a big celebration dinner at my restaurant complete with dessert! Chocolate Ice Cream has never tasted sooooooo goooooooood.  However, I realized soon after I at it, that it was just not worth it.  I am lactose intolerant- and after a diet of clean eating, the next few days were just not fun:-(My Birthday My Birthday Dinner

Interesting results:

-Caffeine after finishing the diet made me and Chris very sick.  It was almost a turn off just to taste coffee.  My body felt horrible after a cup, but I craved the warm indulgence, so I have been sticking with half-caf or just decaf… I also Drink YERBA MATE tea (like a mild coffee out of a tea bag- 1/4 caffeine of coffee)- there is a “chocolate” flavored one that is AMAZING! Sweetened with Stevia in the tea bag, and other spices, it is SO much better than coffee:é-Organic/Detail

Weight Loss Results:

Chris had GREAT weight loss results with this diet- I think his overall weight loss was 9 lbs! Not bad for about 2 weeks?! It is good to see him motivated to make good eating and lifestyle habits.  His old clothes are fitting again, so it’s kind of like getting a new wardrobe for him:)

My “weight” went down about a pound or 2, but more importantly, my clothes fit looser, and old/tight clothes fit well:-) Everybody part lost at least a 1/2 inch-1 inch! That is a lot for my body in 2 weeks, so that tells me I was really hanging on to junk in my body.

I have heard from a few people at the gym that I “really leaned out”, my muscle definition is really showing through- I think that extra “layer” my body holds that was full of water retention and toxins, was flushed out, and I had so much energy the 2nd week to work out!  I feel so much better when I am at my natural weight.  I think my natural weight is effortless when I eat really well, get some exercise, but  DO NOT obsess over calories, or fat, or carbs, etc.  It was nice to know my limits- just say NO to the things on my banned list, and eat freely of whole foods.  How easy is that?


Working at a restaurant was HARD.  All those Creme Brulees and rich sauces! Starting work at 4, I was really hungry running around all night- some nights until 12am.  I brought LARA BARS with me to work, and a piece of fruit.  I could special order a salad with greens and grilled chicken, squeezing lemon and or vinegar on it.  So I got through it, but will power was hard to find.

GUM was one of the hardest to avoid- I like having something in my mouth I guess… I wanted gum- especially while I was working out- but most contain ASPARTAME. Yuck.

Chris had a tough time with Gum, and apparently pizza (go figure).  I think his friend made him crave it more than he truly felt the need… I think the social aspect of eating out, made it hard to choose a fitting meal.  Chris eats out a lot at work, but came home more often to eat during this ED period.


The last few days Chris and I cheated with gum! hahaha.  I remember him saying he couldn’t stand his breath, and also needed a cough drop (sore throat?). So if that was as bad as we did- I think we did really well!

Final Comments:

I really wish I could just stay on that diet forever, without it being socially hard or physically seeing and smelling food that I want.  I can already tell a difference being “off” the diet in my body and in my energy.

*My face broke out completely when I went off the diet!

*My digestion issues were back when I resumed “normal” indulgences (because I KNOW I ate things I am intolerant/allergic to)

* My energy went way down.

*My mental clarity and ability to cope with stress took a turn in the not so good direction.

What I plan to do:

I am keeping my caffeine down, sugar WAY down, and continuing to make meals at home for all of us.  I saved SO much money by making Chris and I eat at home! I’d like to do variations of this diet 2x a year. Just to clean my body and my mind.

Week 1 on the Elimination Diet… positive results to report!

3 Oct

Hey there! It’s Saturday morning, and I am enjoying the SECOND day of great weather here! The sliding doors are open, and we ate gluten-free pancakes with a blueberry-stevia sauce as our syrup, with eggs and spinach.  Hardly sounds like we are on a diet, right?

This week was challenging, long, but successful!  Chris and I are learning a lot about our own bodies and food. Chris had a particularly tough time with headaches, mood changes, irritability and sleepiness.  One night around 8:45 I found him asleep in bed, no good night or a hey I’m tired- just grumpy and went to bed! I found it kind of funny, but his body obviously is going through quite a shock and detox.  He thought he would try fasting yesterday, since he was feeling good, and thought his body might need the extra detox, but…. that didn’t last all day- at 4pm he was starving, and was looking forward to eating a meal all of us together for the first time in a LONG TIME.

As for me, the first few days were hard, I was tired first 2 days, really wanting coffee, having caffeine withdrawl headaches, I was gassy (found out that is normal when on the ED for first few days) and working in a restaurant FULL of amazing great food and people offering you to test everything because you are new- was REALLY hard! Going into work at sometime between 3-5, means your eating dinner at like 3 or 4, and working until 10-12pm, I was SO hungry- I usually eat every 3 hours, so that part is super hard.  I don’t want to come home and eat late, but I have to! I chose to eat salad with protein if it is easy to fix, if not- I eat some nuts and just go to bed.

If you didn’t know, I had my blood work done a few months ago and have a “leaky gut”.  Which basically means, my GI tract is severely inflamed, and many food items come up as an allergy:

All fish, except Shellfish (weird), Almonds, Garlic, Kidney Beans, ALL DAIRY, Wheat & Gluten.

So some of these are on already on the no-no list in the ED, but I am doing my BEST to abstain from the others.  The tough one is garlic, and a bit of salmon and sometimes almonds sneak in somewhere :-/ Not as much though since I have been on the ED.

Good things to report:

Digestion is 90% better! Everything I eat is pretty much working well. I have to watch my eating fruit  after a meal, because most fruit digests so fast, it sits on top of your meal and will putrefy (gross), causing bloating, gas, etc.  Eating fruit first, and following with protein is ideal- slows the blood sugar rise, and allows correct digestive juices to secrete and digest each food properly.

We’ve both lost weight! I eat ALOT, and still have lost weight. I thought for sure I would step on scale, and see a gain- but I was way off.  Haven’t seen that # on the scale in years.  I’ve made it to the gym 5 of the 6 days so far (well, going in a few minutes as day 5), and have done about equal sessions of weights and cardio- but HEAVY weights, and not too intense cardio.  Some one at the gym said- “You’ve leaned up like a mother!” –  hahaha, guys are so crude, but it was good to hear, when I didn’t realize I might have.  I’ll tell you- I’ve been on NO low carb diet- I swear I have eaten huge portions of quinoa for every meal!

If you want my workout schedule, let me know and I will post for you.

Chris looks leaner, not sure how much he’s lost, but he said his pants are loose, and he is feeling great. He keeps saying how much he is appreciating learning about our commercially processed foods, and how much crap like chemicals, stimulants, drugs, and sugar we put in our body. Eating whole food forms of all the things he loves (like natural bison burgers wrapped in collard greens, with sauteed mushrooms, avocado, red onion, grapeseed Veginaise, and homemade Anaheim chili hummus), he is really appreciating a healthy diet, and adjusting well!   He is at the dentist getting a wisdom tooth pulled (oh ugh), so this will be interesting…

Other good things to report:

-I’ve lost 1/2 inch on each body part. Namely thighs, hips, waist, and arms:-)

-No more headaches! Praise God. I only took Motrin one time- on second day I think.

-Clearer and brighter whites of the eyes

-Clear, good color, glowing skin

- Better memory -General good mood

- Sustained energy through day and workout -More strength during my work outs

-NO guilt about what you ate that day, not worrying about what NOT to eat and what TO eat, because you know already what you have and can eat (since we cleaned out the fridge and went shopping on days 1 and 2)! All fridge is items we can eat!  Plenty of fruit to sustain our sweet tooth, but in moderation of course.

What I plan to change:

I think I want to stop eating Peanut Butter, or make it like  every other day.  I feel not so good after, and maybe because I am combining it with carrots or an apple, not sure-  but I do know in general, that fat is slow digesting, so eating bigger portions can cause you to feel slow.

Next week I will try to post more often, I promise!

Goals are to keep being ahead of our schedules with meals, cooking, cleaning, etc. Pre planning meals, buying food items to mix with other meals, and keeping it interesting is important.  Time is so precious, we try to utilize it well, make extra food each time we cook, but it’s not easy with our crazy schedules, and hungry tummies!

Last night was my first night off since starting this diet- I’ve barely seen my family- I am looking forward to having the rest of the day with them.  I’m so thankful to the Lord for guiding me and making it clear to me how important our health and lifestyle is. I’m so glad Chris is doing this with me, it makes it all worth it if I can change some one else’s life by being a good example.

~Carpe Diem

Thought for the Day: “We chose our sorrows and joys long before we experience them” Kahlil Gibran

Attitude and happiness is CHOOSING to react and deal with life in a thankful and peaceful manner- despite the situation, it is all how you chose to deal with it.  No one can take your joy unless you let them. Make it a GREAT DAY!

Starting the Elimination Diet!

28 Sep

Today as promised! Sorry for late post- I just got home from work- my feet hurt even in my new comfy shoes, and I shoved all kinds of crap food down my throat tonight- because I could and tomorrow  and for a while I can’t.  They had us try the Coconut Creme Pie, Chocolate Moose Pie, Seared Scallops on top of an Anaheim chili & truffle creamed corn, parmesan crusted artichoke hearts stuffed with Spinach Gratin, and a little bit of prime rib with creamy horseradish. Can you say bloated? I’m intolerant to Dairy and Gluten- so I just feel like you know what right now.  On to the Elimination Diet Prep tips!

Preparation Tips:

Write Down your “Why’s”- This will be the only true solid foundation of this Elimination Diet. If you don’t know WHY you are doing this diet, or you feel like you just want to “try it out”, see how it goes- you are setting yourself up for failure.  Take a few minutes to write down

1. WHY you want to  do this (no guilt with food at parties or work, smaller clothes and cuter clothes, a wedding or event coming up, wanting to feel attractive, wanting more energy maybe so you can play with your kids more, or get more accomplished, maybe it is just to have the ability to feel like a normal person with out body aches and stomach problems?!) 2. How you will feel when you each “WHY” is accomplished – You may feel like a new person, or like your old self again.  You’ll feel vibrant, confident, successful, and motivated to conquer more things in life than ever. 3. Sign your name to a written promise to yourself that you are WORTH this, and no matter what you WILL succeed.

EMPTY THOSE CUPBOARDS!- If you have it, you will eat.  YOU are not to be trusted the first week. Don’t tempt yourself. If you can toss it do it. Or like me, eat all the bad stuff before you start! haha. I finished my Tofu and coffee today.  Along with handfuls of Gluten-free chips (that I decided to take OFF my diet during this even though it’s probably allowed), and Salsa (added sugar in most salsa’s- bummer).

PLAN AHEAD- Write down your meals for the next week- if that sounds absurd to you- how about a few days- 1 day?

BUY IN BULK- (Bring you list from your planned week above!) I love Costco, Fart n Smile (I mean Smart and Final- that was for you know who you are),  if you have  local Co-op’s obviously  that would be the BEST!

COOK and package your meals Once or twice a week- Make “one pot” items like Chili, and soups for “emergency hunger at home”.  Grill all your meat for the next few days and chop all your veggies for the next few days. Package in containers to take with you wherever you need to be, work, school, church, games, etc.

The Key is to make this as easy as possible. Least amount of effort for maximum results. Everyone wants that in life- so just do it!

Off to bed, I will report day 1 tomorrow!

Join us in our 21 Day ELIMINATION DIET! Free Coaching and Tips from ME!

27 Sep

Chris (my husband) and I have made the decision to totally GO FOR IT- 100% ,

not kinda-sort-of doing it, but REALLY following the Elimination Diet.

You can find the PDF by going to .  Look on side under Services for “Free Elimination Diet Here”. *IF Link does not connect- just type in your browser (or copy and paste).

I realize we are all addicts. Not voluntarily, but through chemicals and sly marketing; our bodies have become addicted to caffeine, sugar, processed grains, processed foods, THOUSANDS of chemicals, toxins, I could go on and on.

I’m choosing to be FREE from these addictions- some I don’t think I even realize I have yet… (yikes!), and I am healing my body, my mind, and renewing my spirit for the sake of honoring my body- my Temple.

WHAT THIS DIET IS NOT: NOT a crazy low carb, World Athlete Ab sharpening kind of diet. There are obviously some banned foods- yes in the grains area (Wheat and Gluten), but read the the whole document- This will not be so hard! :-) THIS IS NOT a get skinny fast diet, or a super EASY diet, but there is a quote I found today: “SACRIFICE IS GIVING UP SOMETHING GOOD FOR SOMETHING BETTER”. I know this will be better and make me better in every way!

The basics of this Detox/Diet: Eliminating common allergens, and repairing your GI Tract.

Benefits?: SO MANY!

1. Everyone love the WEIGHT LOSS part. You WILL lose a rather large amount of ‘stubborn fat’ in a relatively short period of time. Downside: Since Toxins store in your fat cells- as you lose the fat- the toxins flowing out of you may cause temporary headache, grumpiness, bloating, tired, but subside with in the first few days.

2. Your food cravings (non-physiological a.k.a. emotional) hunger will reduce or go away ENTIRELY. Whoa. For me that is a big one to be honest. I fight wanting crap all the time! I CHOSE not to have crap all the time, but it doesn’t mean it GOES AWAY! Looking forward to this for sure

3. Your health and general vitality will improve. After Toxins leave, and you stop adding more, many aches, pains, digestive issues (gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, full heavy stomach feeling, etc).

Another benny: You can EAT MORE that you were and still lose weight. By golly this thing is calling my name. So who’s with me?!

If you decide to join us on this 21-30 day Commitment- Subscribe to my blog and I promise to give you the following from my blog updates:

Tomorrow: Tips and tricks to make this diet successful- including shopping lists, meal planning etc.

I will post recipes- (hopefully with pictures too!)

Bi-weekly updates on our results: highs, lows, problems, and just an honest journal of how I’m doing.  If I cheat- I will tell you. I’m not here to say that I am really good at discipline- I just want to share and encourage others to take the NEXT STEP- that REALLY IMPORTANT STEP to push you past your hump, so you are feeling accomplished, successful, and you can finally learn to re-trust yourself.

How many times have you said “I won’t do this”, “I won’t eat that for this week” “I’ll do this 3 times a week, and stop eating this for…” And how many times did you break your promise? Your subconscious has learned that you CAN NOT be trusted.  You HAVE to retrain your confidence, and your subconscious to learn how to TRUST YOUR WORD to be successful in this.

Start with small to do items- write them down, cross them off. Silly, small, big whatever.  This will be VERY effective in telling your subconscious that you ARE trustworthy, and that you CAN do things you say.


Comment or email me and let me know you are ON BOARD!

If you are ready to change your life in all areas- NOT just your body, but your mind, life, relationships, even your financial situation- this IS the place to start. Building your confidence in yourself is the ultimate necessity to finding real joy in life, and success!  Success starts in the mind, the body will follow, and your life will attract and reflect  what you think and how you feel: So be healthy , feel successful, make your gratitude list daily, keep God in the center and you will be unstoppable.