Gluten-Free Crepes!

23 Apr

Gluten Free Crepes:

3/4 all purpose gluten free flour mix OR chickpea flour
1 TBS sugar
2 eggs
1 cup of milk or milk alternative (I prefer coconut milk)
2 TBS butter, MELTED
Option for non-dessert crepe: 1 teaspoon dried herbs if desired: dill, Italian seasoning)
Mix together flour and sugar. Add eggs, milk, and butter and stir until combined.
Heat a non-stick crepe pan or small skillet. Spray or grease the pan and pour ┬╝ cup of batter into the pan. Swirl the pan to fully coat the bottom and cook until the crepe begins to dry, about 45 seconds. Cook on 1 side until lightly golden. Remove and repeat with the remaining batter. Dump cooked crepe off directly onto plate (Cool completely before layering for storing and freezing- Thaw in fridge)

Get creative with your fillings! Crepes are great for breakfast lunch and dinner… sweet and savory. I’d love to hear your favorite filling!

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